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6 Ultimate Garden Tools You Need in Your Shed This Year

Mike Gary
Mike Gary
7 min read
6 Ultimate Garden Tools You Need in Your Shed This Year

Ancient philosophers like Aristotle believed that the ability to reason separates men from beasts. It is a gardener’s joy to find new and innovative tools that help make the work easier in their garden.

Join us as we delve into some of the best tools you can use in your garden, and discover some well-reasoned treasures that will make you feel like a super-gardener.

An efficient gardener chooses their tools well. Great tools make hard jobs easier and long jobs feel short.

#1 - The Hori Hori Knife

Japanese artisans have long been renowned for their skill in making durable and beautiful knives and garden tools.

Gone are the days of swapping tools countless times while working in the garden—The hori hori knife gives the best of both worlds.

The hori hori knife is an ideal hybrid that consists of a tempered, rust-resistant metal blade with a hardwood handle.

The blade has a two-way taper so that it forms the ideal shape for digging. Whether you’re planting seedlings, or weeding, the hori hori is a digging tool of note.

Thanks to its razor-sharp blade on each side of the tool, you can also use it for minor pruning, or to cut through those tough resinous roots that get in the way when you’re planting.

The blade also comes in useful when you’re weeding since you can easily cut through any roots that are too deep to dig out.

The knife has a solid hardwood handle that’s sure to stand the test of time, and won’t sprout random splinters that take root in your hand.

Most hori hori knives come with a handy leather sheaf, and a diamond rod or sharpening block so you can keep your knife in tip-top shape.

#2 - A Gorilla Cart

Gorilla Carts offer efficient maneuverability, lightweight handling, and the staying power of a much larger product.

Traditional wheelbarrows work, but they’re an uncomfortable shape, it’s easy to overbalance while using them, and they’re not exactly reliable when it comes to going downhill.

Who said that you have to use a device that only has one wheel and that you have to push precariously? Enter the Gorilla Cart.

These innovative products offer all the lightweight transportation of a wheelbarrow without the trudging and balance issues.

Each Gorilla Cart has four wheels, which have a bulky heavy-duty design and can travel over even the bumpiest terrain with ease. The ten-inch pneumatic tires make these devices move like four-by-fours, which makes your job easy.

Your next concern is probably, how much weight can these babies handle? Rest assured, they’ll carry anything you can fit in your wheelbarrow, plus extra. These marvelous monster trucks can carry a weight of up to 600 pounds in a single load.

The steel frame means that you don’t need to worry about bending, folding, or breaking if you load the cart with heavy loads, which means you can transport many different objects.

Finally, the central handle means that you can pull the cart behind you, without having to lift any part of the load yourself. As a result, you put in much less effort to move loads the same distance.

#3 - 2-In-1 Cultivator and Tiller

The 2-in-1 Cultivator and Tiller combine two of the gardener’s best friends into one lightweight product.

There are two things that every gardener does regularly: planting and weeding. Whether you have a perennial garden, a lasagna garden, or some raised beds for your cut flowers, you need to weed and plant seed.

The two-in-one cultivator and tiller allows you to take care of two common garden tasks with just one hand tool. Whether you’re preparing an area for new seeds, and tilling some compost into the soil, or digging a hole for your new tulip bulbs, it’s got you covered.

With its tempered, rust-proof blade and ergonomic rubber handle, you’ll be working comfortably all season long.

#4 - A Garden Seat and Kneeler

The Garden Seat and Kneeler provides the comfort and support that you need to maintain long hours of tending your garden beds.

If you spend enough long hours in the garden, planting or weeding bent over or crouching, you quickly learn what a toll it can take on your back and knees.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend all that time in unnatural positions. Thanks to the Garden seat and Kneeler with 2 Tool Bags, you get all the efficiency you need, along with the comfort you crave. This nifty tool has two tool bags, so you can carry all your most-used hand tools with you.

It offers two different functions, and you can choose between using it as a stool, and sitting on it, or turning it upside down and using it as a handy knee pad when you’re weeding those really difficult areas.

This product is also collapsible, so you can easily pop it in the car if you’re off to watch your kids play baseball, or you’re attending a local event.

The tool pouches are reversible, and you can easily slot them on the upper end of the seat and kneeler, no matter which setting you’re using.

The Garden seat and Kneeler with 2 Tool Bags is exactly 17.5 inches high, making it a convenient height for most people to sit on.

With this product, you can do all your weeding, pruning, and other intense garden tasks without the strain of bending over all the time.

#5 - An Auger for your Drill

The garden auger drill bit makes short work of digging holes, even in rocky soil.

If you plant a lot of bulbs every year, or you’re trying to establish a grove of dwarf fruit trees or other perennials, you know that digging hundreds of holes by hand can be tedious.

If you have hard, rocky soil or clay, you might have even more appreciation for the effort that goes into digging.

Most gardeners have a drill for the many small projects that always need doing, so you have another option. This Garden Auger Drill Bit offers the lightweight maneuverability of a drill attachment, with the power of electric digging.

Ten minutes to dig one hole? Not with this product. You can plant an entire row of saplings in an hour or two thanks to its compact efficiency.

To make things even better, this product comes in two different sizes. You can choose between a 4 x 12" bit or a 1.6 x 9" bit to ensure you get the optimal tool for the job at hand.

#6 - A Portable Hand Tool Kit

The hOmeHua Garden Tools Set is perfect for the on-the-go gardener.

Many of us are forgetful gardeners. We’re halfway out the door when we realize we need a trowel. On our way to the berry patch, we realize that we never took the pruning shears. We have the shears to cut the roses, but we forgot the gardening gloves.

Gardening amnesia is a seriously frustrating problem when you need to get a lot done, and you constantly need to go looking for something. One thing that works exceptionally well for keeping everything in one place is a full gardening set.

The hOmeHua Garden Tools Set has everything in it that you’ll need for a basic day in the garden. This eight-piece set has:

  • Gardening gloves
  • A weeder
  • A soft scoop
  • A portable tool bag
  • Pruning shears
  • A scaled transplant trowel
  • A larger trowel

The scaled transplant trowel is any gardener's dream and has clear markings showing the different planting depths. If you’ve ever struggled to follow the planting depth on the seed packet, you know what I’m talking about.

Of course, having a nice travel pocket that everything fits in is ideal, because you won’t have to go looking for things (unless you don’t put them away as you should).

Pruning shears and gardening gloves are some of the things you never think you’ll need, till you do, so having them nearby is handy. Each implement’s pouch has a handy elastic band that you can slot over the tool to make sure it doesn’t fall out when you bend over or kneel.

All in all, the hOmeHua Garden Tools Set is ideal for on-the-go gardeners and scatterbrains like me. You get solid metal implements with comfortable rubber handles and the convenience of a travel pouch. What more could you possibly want?

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Which of the tools on this list are you the most excited about trying? Let us know in the comments. We’d also love to hear about your favorite garden tools.

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